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Point of View Speaker Series

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Friday, November 16, 2018
6-9 pm

Health Care Revolt: a doctor’s manifesto

Shriners Auditorium, Sacramento
2425 Stockton Boulevard, 95817
(Stockton Boulevard and Y Streets
Free Parking in Shriners parking structure)

Michael Fine, MD
Michael Fine, MD

David Siegel, MD
David Siegel, MD

Keith McCallin,PA
Keith McCallin, PA

Family physician Michael Fine attends to patients at the Blackstone Valley Community Health Center in Rhode Island. After serving as the state’s public health director, he wrote a book published in 2018 by PM Press about what ails the US health care system. The work is nothing short of a clear manifesto of what is wrong and what should be done to ensure the health of everyone in our communities.

Fine’s vision is that of true democracy. A society with sick people cannot be at peace with itself and its neighbors. A health market system that robs the economy of a trillion dollars every year does so to the detriment of the many and the benefit of the few. That thievery makes it impossible for the community to afford what it really needs to be healthy: access to community centers, parks, free education, affordable housing, real freedoms that make us happy and healthy.

After his talk about his book, Health Care Revolt, Dr. Fine will be joined by two panelists: David Siegel, MD, former regional director of Northern California Veterans Administration Hospitals, and Keith McCallin, a physician assistant/health care activist.

It is hoped that this convocation between The Marxist School of Sacramento, Democratic Socialists Sacramento, California Nurses Association, the Physicians for a National Health Plan, and the American Public Health Association will inspire future health care activism here to continue the work begun by the single payer health care campaign of 2017-2018 (Senate Bill 562) at the State Capitol.

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October 25, Mat Callahan, "1968 and Beyond: Culture, Counterculture and Revolution"
7-9 pm, Sierra 2 Center, Room 9, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA

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