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Marxist School of Sacramento

Why a Marxist School?

Taking a new look at Marx's ideas can revitalize our struggles to create a better world.

Every generation struggles in its own way against the social problems created by our capitalist economic system. The Marxist School of Sacramento wants to bring Karl Marx's perspective and analysis into current discussion among those developing this generation's vision of a fair and equitable society.

Marx's ideas have been attacked, suppressed, and misrepresented in the U.S. for many decades. Many people are unaware of his analysis of capitalism, his vision of economic democracy, and his strategies for creating social change. By sharing Marx's perspective, The Marxist School of Sacramento hopes to inspire people to create a new society that reflects our democratic and humanist visions.

Founded in May, 2000, with a standing-room only lecture by Michael Parenti, the Marxist School has sponsored book discussion groups, monthly speakers, and ongoing classes.

The Marxist School of Sacramento is not affiliated with any organization or party. Our participants and board of directors come from a variety of current and past political trends and tendencies. We have no "litmus" test for what makes a Marxist, nor do we ask our participants to identify themselves as Marxists; we only ask for a willingness to engage in civil (as opposed to bellicose) discourse. As for our lecturers, our only requirement is that they identify themselves as Marxists, according to any definition they like, and that they present us with material that they and we think will be interesting.

All events at the Marxist School of Sacramento are free and open to the public. We rely entirely on voluntary donations to pay for our room rentals, copying, and mailing costs. The Marxist School is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, ID Number 94-3368431 and donations to The Marxist School of Sacramento are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Contact us at for mailing address, or you may click on the PayPal link to your left for an easy, safe online donation.

We are grateful to the many supporters who make our programs possible and accessible to all.